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MIDAKEM is a global procurement and distribution company focused on the trading of plastic, metal and paper raw and recycled materials.
More than 80 per cent of these products are secured by long-term supply contracts with leading suppliers located through the world. This is to ensure a continuous availability material to clients.

The company covers all the activities that provide a manufacturer a wide variety of raw materias, equipment procurement solutions and technologies. 
We have a vast knowledge of the raw materials and equipment used in various production and processing environments. As a result, we offer the best procurement solutions and sourcing.
MIDAKEM's commitment and strategy is to generate added value chain between producers and users of raw materials, offering only very high quality products to coordinate the communication between international markets and processing companies. Our close cooperation with some of the major national and international transport and shipping companies enable us to guarantee prompt deliveries.
Thus MIDAKEM trading is not restricted to European markets, but also works in association with large international petrochemical and mills companies.